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Update #81 – Monstrous Altar Cast + Metal News + Pledge Manager closes February 19


Pledge Manager: Last chance to Get Awesome Discounts!

This is it: the TGG2 pledge manager will close for good on Monday night, February 19! We may however allow a few more hours to adjust for time differences and in case of special circumstances.

For one final time, you can take advantage of some truly amazing prices because in most cases the deal you get is better than originally anticipated.

In the exemples below, you can see how much some final retail prices were underestimated at the time if the Campaign.  First you can see the Estimated Discount that was announced during the campaign (Kickstarter price compared to retail price estimation), then the Final Discount (Kickstarter price compared to final retail pricing)

These are just a few examples (some of them won't be available to the general public before a few more months):

Avatar of Shaah:   Estimated discount: 35%    Final discount: 55%

War Pulpit:   Estimated discount: 43%     Final discount: 62%

Regular Sisters:   Estimated discount: 42%    Final discount: 60%

Altar of the Succubi:   Estimated discount: 30%    Final discount: 50%

Maleezariah:   Estimated discount: 43%    Final discount: 57%

Daughters of the Crucible / Orphanage:   Estimated discount: 32%    Final discount: 50%


It is always very delicate to estimate the final retail pricing when launching a Kickstarter campaign. So many things can happen that affect the final product pricing. Just the price fluctuations between Dollars and Euro can completely change the final pricing of the products.

But in the case of TGG2, the biggest change has been some kits ending up being much, much larger than we originally anticipated. However we decided that since you were the people who supported this project from the start, you should not be affected by any price changes. And so the deal you got became better and better. The amount of money you saved is pretty epic!

To celebrate the end of the TGG2 campaign and to thank you again for your great patience and trust, we decided to re-open the pledge manager one last time. It has been open for the last 2 weeks and will be closing forever on Monday February 19 at midnight.

However, please keep in mind that if you choose to get some additional stuff, your parcel will be sent depending on stock availability. This means that you may have to wait a bit while backers who are still waiting for their original selection to be sent their way will have priority over you.


This is an Excerpt  from the 

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