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Pledge Manager reopens for 1 week! (from Update #75)


Last chance to get more TGG2!

After our last Update where we showcased images of the Spider Mother, the Avatar of Shaah and the War Pulpit, we received quite a few messages from backers telling us: “Oh, I wish I had picked up those in my Rewards Selection, is too late to add them now?”.

Normally, we would say that it is too late, because of the administrative work involved in reopening the Pledge Manager and combining your past selections with your newly added items. (It may seem like nothing but is is actually quite labour-intensive.) Nevertheless, we've had a lot of requests for this, and we truly want to thank you for your patience on this project.

So, we are reopening the Pledge Manager for a very brief period of time.

Before you go to the Pledge Manager however, please read the following carefully:

You will have 1 week to pick more items from the Pledge Manager. You can add anything you want.

However, the following is very important: When you checkout, you will see that shipping is free. But this cannot apply to everybody. You have 2 options, please correctly choose the one that concerns you:

  • If we still have TGG2 minis to send you: Simply Checkout with Free Shipping; we will combine your new selection with your previous one.
  • If you've already received all of your items from this Kickstarter: then you MUST add an Extra Shipment (Sign In to view link) to your cart before you Checkout. Simply pick the following option: New Shipment (I've already received all my other TGG2 minis). If you don't, your order will have to be cancelled. This new shipment will be sent once other backers have received their models.

By the way, we thought you'd like to know that to take into account the increased size of the Avatar of Shaah, you will notice that we have increased the projected retail price from $95 to $115. Your Kickstarter pricing remains at $65. In the same manner, the projected retail price of the War Pulpit has been increased from $55 to $75, while your Kickstarter pricing remains at $37.

So these 2 items have become pretty sweet deals.

Remember to Sign In to view the minis in the Pledge Manager.

If you have questions, contact us at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com, we will be happy to assist you.