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Update #57 - Pledge Manager problems and other questions


As you know, the Pledge Manager is now open and, judging by the numerous conversations we have on the live chat with people who have questions, there's a lot of excitement about what's in it.

However, we have a recurring problem that might have prevented you to log in :(

Can't access? Have you used two different email addresses? 

It happens that a good chunk of people who have used different email addresses during the campaign (like one to pledge on the Kickstarter and one to pay their shipping with Paypal) are not recognised by the system and so are prevented to access.

We had been told that it would not be a problem and the tests we had made before the launch seemed to indicate that it would work fine, but there is definitely a nasty bug here, and we need to fix each issue manually :(

Of course, this has created a flood of messages, on top of all the other questions we receive every day related to the minis, the Pledge Manager itself, and all the various concerns you might have. So we are valiantly plowing through this stream but it is not super efficient: because of the backlog and the time to get an answer, people tend to write to us one, two or three times with the same concerns, which in turn creates more backlogs... and even if we work like crazy to give you access, some of your are still waiting to enter the Pledge Manager....

IN ANY CASE DON'T WORRY, IF NECESSARY, WE WILL EXTEND THE TIME THE PLEDGE MANAGER STAYS OPEN to make sure that you have enough time to make your selection.

Here is the solution! 

If you have paid your shipping and have not been able to access AT THE TIME STATED on our schedule here do the following:

- Check if you have used two different email addresses for the Kickstarter and for Paypal 

- If yes, to get your situation solved asap, go to https://ragingheroes.wufoo.com/forms/problems-accessing-the-pledge-manager/

- Fill out the form

- Please DON'T send us a message through another channel, it will only slow down the process 

- We will patch you in the system and send you a confirmation that your access is unlocked.

This process will take a few hours but it is the FASTEST solution to get your problem fixed. If you contact us with this problem through a different channel, we will most likely send you back to the form.

Why hasn't my message been answered? 

Because of this situation, we have a massive backlog of messages, but we are going through them one by one. If your question is about having problems accessing the Pledge Manager, please check the section above. If you have other questions, don't worry, we will answer you as soon as possible, but please check our FAQ because there's a good chance there is an answer to your question there.

As much as possible, we try to be on the www.tgg2ks.com live chat every weekday around 13:00 to 18:00 GMT to answer the most pressing questions in English and in French.

Here are some answers to the most frequent questions we get:

What about the War Pulpit, Altar of the Succubi and remaining Knights of the Chalice ? 

The War Pulpit and Altar are nearly done and WILL be shown before the Pledge Manager closes. The remaining Knights of the Chalice are already done and the new images are now included on the Pledge Manager :)

I have already made my order in the pledge manager. Will I be able to add the War Pulpit or the Altar to my selection ? 

Yes, we will be able to do that, but it will be solved AFTER the Pledge Manager has closed. Don't write to us before then, as we won't start looking at those cases before. We want to make sure you have all our attention when we start solving these situations.

I have forgotten to add the freebies / I have made a mistake when I placed my order!

Don't worry, it can be easily fixed, but it will be solved AFTER the Pledge Manager has closed. Don't write to us before that as we won't start looking in these cases before. We want to make sure you have all our attention when we start solving these situations.

I want an heroine in metal but it says she is out of stock. 

It's because she is a large-size heroine that is part of the list below and we probably won't make her available in metal. Here's the list of these heroines:

  • Yscarloth F+SF 
  • Keshyrii F+SF (centaur Heroine) 
  • Erzebel (great seraphim) 
  • Varanith (Draahk rider heroine) 
  • Xehzirhya F+SF (Demon steed rider) 
  • Augusta F+SF 
  • Santa Dolores 
  • Mistress Slithiss F+SF (excruciatrix)


After the previous update, we received some messages about the centaurs. Most people were crazy about them, a few people didn't like them so much or found them too creepy, but the main question was “Will they be able to stand?", or "Won't they break too easily as some stand just on one limb?”. Rest assured that we take care of these things. On delicate sculpts like this, we test and reinforce the delicate parts if necessary. There are plenty of ways to do this in a nearly invisible manner, so please don't worry, it will be dealt with !


Apparently, you really love that sculpt, because as soon as the Pledge Manager opened, she instantly became the number one heroine of the TGG2 Kickstarter ! Yeahhh !!!