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Update #60 – More Time to Pick your Rewards!


More on the Stingrays at the end of this update

More on the Stingrays at the end of this update

We Are Extending the Deadline for the Pledge Manager!

The Pledge Manager will now be open until July 25 August 10.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  •  We are now getting into the summer vacation period, so our customer service will not always be available, and we don't want to leave you hanging, or worried that you may not have time to complete your Pledge Manager before getting an answer.
  • Some of you are travelling or on vacation, and are unable to get it all done in time.
  • We've got the War Pulpit and the Altar of the Succubi to show you, and we know some of you held off finishing their pledging until they could see it. But now, this is biting into their summer vacation...

If You Have a Problem or a Question about the Pledge Manager:

If you have questions and cannot find the answer on our various FAQ's, remember that we have now created 3 forms to resolve most problems. Check this page for all the details and links.

Please use these forms as much as possible if you have questions, you will get a reply much more quickly.

If you've ALREADY contacted us via email or by leaving a Chat message, we recommend you use these forms instead.

We Will NOT Be Available from July 14 to July 20...

Please note that Customer Service will NOT BE AVAILABLE from July 14 to July 20.

July 14 is Bastille Day in France, which turns into an extended week-end for several members of the team. 

Nevertheless, please don't worry and don't panic if something goes wrong during that time.
Even if you are going to be away or unavailable when we reply to you.

The packing and shipping crew will be on deck, however, and shipping will continue during that time.


We save the best for last: we are finishing tonight the renders for the Altar of the Succubi. We will share them with you tomorrow, that is, unless the machines crash in the middle of the night...

Meanwhile, we just got prototype casts of the Stingrays from the foundry, and we just had to share them with you.

Also, this give us the opportunity to answer the recurring question that some of you have concerning the robustness and balance of those of our models that stand on what looks like delicate or thin elements.

First, once they are glued on a base, they is absolutely no stability problem. We take care to test that all along the development and production process.

However, it will be important that you use common sense and glue such miniatures in a way that puts the centre of gravity in the middle of the plastic base. The centre of gravity is not necessarily where the mini touches the plastic base. For example, on the Stingrays, the centre of gravity will be somewhere at the middle of the Stingray's body, regardless of where the tip of its tail is.

Second, regarding the robustness of the minis, here's an anecdote for you: a couple of days ago, I saw one of the guys (who shall remain nameless this time) press down hard on the top of the Stingray with Champion. He had just finish assembling the miniature which, as you know stands on its tail. Well... nothing happened. That is, nothing broke. Of course, we are not advising you to do this, but it does show that the miniatures are quite sturdy.